Invisalign Go Training Online - 23/03/2024 09:00

Online, 23 March 2024, 09:00

The complete Invisalign Go Training Programme (“Training Programme”) for general dental practitioners new to the Invisalign Go system consists of the following, of which (A) & (B) are compulsory to complete before you will be able to order products from Align:

(A) Online self-pre-training modules which includes:

  1. the SAFE Orthodontics course . This is an introduction course created by a third party on how to use orthodontics as a tool in aesthetic dentistry involving clear aligner therapy created by a third party. It features four (4) mini-modules and will take you approximately two (2) hours to complete;
  2. an instructional video to guide you through the Invisalign Doctor Site (“IDS”);
  3. a preparation (patient selection) for the Certification Training.

This stage will need to completed  in order to proceed to stage (B).

(B) A full day of hands-on certification training (“Certification Training”) which will be carried out face-to-face.  The Certification Training is developed to provide fundamental knowledge of the Invisalign Go system, hands-on tips and techniques on Invisalign Go digital photography using the Invisalign Mobile Photo Uploader app, interproximal reduction (IPR) and attachments and time to review your 1st clinical cases with the support of expert peers.

(C) A continuing education programme, a series of peer-to-peer webinars and a study-club for doctors who, within 3-6 months of the Certification Training, have ClinCheck1 approved at least three (3) Invisalign Go treatments. Additional optional SAFE Orthodontics education modules are accessible with the education platform using your single sign on IDS credentials. All Webinars and study-clubs require registration in advance and must be participated in at the specified time.

More information on continued education and study-clubs will be provided during the Certification Training.

1The ClinCheck software is a proprietary 3D computer application (electronic prescription) for depicting, viewing, editing, monitoring and approving an orthodontic  treatment plan, including a virtual representation of the patient’s expected tooth movement from the beginning through final stage of their Invisalign case in a virtual three dimensional model.  The doctor’s approval of the customized ClinCheck treatment plan is considered a prescription and constitutes final authorization for Align to manufacture the aligners.