Dr. Anthony James

Dr. Anthony James


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Gilmore dental practice 11 Gilmore Place EH3 9NE, Edinburgh, GB +4401312294995gilmoredental@live.co.ukgilmoredentalpractice.co.uk

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Dr. James is currently working in Edinburgh and has been a practitioner in this city for over 10 years. He is very interested in aesthetic dentistry, and he has obtained a masters on this field of treatment from King's College London. The full range of Invisalign treatments that he provides in this practice complements this well. Often after orthodontic treatment the aesthetic journey is not quite complete. Teeth that have been out of place for a long time undergo different amounts of wear. Due to his training he can not only alter the position but also the shape of the teeth to obtain the optimum cosmetic result. His attitude for smile design is rather than the 'old-fashioned approach' of cutting teeth and causing potential harm for porcelain veneers or crowns, a minimally interventive approach is better. By moving teeth with the assistance of clear aligners it allows the smile to be improved without many of the risks involved in more invasive dentistry.

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