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Dr. Arjun Kachhala is the owner and principal dentist at Kenilworth Dental Practice. He has 20 years' experience providing cosmetic dentistry and during that time he has improved the smiles & lives of hundreds of people. Such is his passion, Arjun no longer performs general dentistry, instead he dedicates 100% of his clinical time purely to Invisalign teeth straightening and cosmetic dentistry. He has been providing Invisalign clear aligners for over 13 years (since 2009) His patients and colleagues describe him as very informative, thorough and honest with a very keen eye for detail which achieves amazing results for his patients FOUR Fabulous Facts about our Invisalign Teeth Straightening Sale Prices for Winter 2022: 1. £1250 OFF until 14/12/22 Until Wednesday December 14th 2022, in our Invisalign Winter Sale Event, our Invisalign Prices have been significantly reduced, starting from just £3,345 (normally at least £4,595 on average), that's a 27% discount. 2. AFFORDABLE INTEREST FREE CREDIT! We offer INTEREST FREE Affordable Monthly Payment options for up to 2 years (you pay 0% interest for terms up to 24 months). If you want to spread the payments over longer than 2 years (and up to 60 months), we also offer other affordable payment options (with a small rate of interest) Example: For a £3,345 case you'll pay around £40-50 per month for a 60 month payment term (deposit is payable in this example). Finance is subject to status upon application CALL US FOR A QUOTE: Please contact our experienced patient coordinators, Lisa and Sue on 01926 512 747 (select option 1) for more information Tell us your monthly budget and we'll tell you the best payment options available, along with any deposit amount (if it applies) 3. FREE 2 HOUR THOROUGH CLINICAL ASSESSMENT, worth £149! Your individual case (suitability) is determined by a detailed and thorough clinical Teeth Straightening Assessment. This includes a thorough Full Mouth Comprehensive Assessment of : -Your Teeth -Your Gum Health -Your Bite -Your Jaw Joint health -Your Fillings -AND a thorough Oral Cancer Screen! It's the most thorough dental assessment you'll ever have! As well as all this, your clinical assessment experience also includes: -A full set of clinical photographs -Impressions (moulds) -Small X-rays -A detailed Orthodontic Assessment -A detailed Smile Assessment. The Clinical assessment is VERY comprehensive and the whole experience normally takes 2 hours in total. The cost for this assessment is totally FREE in our Winter Sale event! (normally £149) 4. FREE INFORMAL ZOOM CHAT with our Invisalign dentist If you're slightly curious but don't want to commit to a Full Clinical Assessment, we offer a FREE informal initial live video chat with our Invisalign dentist Dr. Arjun Kachhala, via zoom Talk to Arjun about your smile! With over 13 years' experience providing Invisalign clear aligners, our feedback has shown that Arjun can answer all your questions in a detailed, relaxing, confidential and informative way-And you're always in Control. Our feedback has also shown that this initial non-clinical informal chat is very popular and helps patients to thoroughly understand everything that's required to straighten teeth before going ahead Please contact our experienced patient coordinators Lisa and Sue on 01926 512 747 (select option 1) to book a teeth straightening zoom call with Arjun 2022 WINTER SALE Summary. Important Information about our Invisalign Teeth Straightening Autumn 2022 Sale Packages and deals: (a). We're offering a FREE clinical assessment experience, normally £149. (b). Our Invisalign Sale ends on Wednesday December 14th 2022 Call Lisa or Sue (our patient coordinators) on 01926 512 747 (SELECT OPTION 1) for further information (c). ALL our Sale packages also INCLUDE FREE upper and lower standard removable retainers worth £500 (retainers prevent relapse in teeth positions after straightening treatment is complete) (d). AND ...ALL our Teeth Straightening packages INCLUDE 50% off 5 weeks Premium Teeth Whitening (you'd have this after straightening treatment). This will leave you with naturally Brighter AND Straighter Teeth! THE TOTAL VALUE OF ALL SAVINGS IN OUR WINTER INVISALIGN SALE 2022 IS ACTUALLY WORTH OVER £2,500! Reasons to choose us for Invisalign Teeth Straightening: 1. We have over 13 Years' experience providing Invisalign Teeth Straightening & changing people’s lives. We'll Provide ABSOLUTE attention to detail ensuring that your experience with us exceeds your expectations! 2. Practice Owner & Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Arjun Kachhala is a proud Full Member of the 'British Academy of Cosmetic Dentists' (BACD) since 2009. Dr. Arjun Kachhala was also listed in the top 50 UK dentists (in ‘Dentistry Magazine’ April 2012) and features regularly in the national dental press & media. 3. Kenilworth Dental Practice is a Multi Award winning Dental Practice 4. Most of our Invisalign Teeth Straightening patients are actually between 25 and 50 years of age, proving that you're never too young or old to have your teeth straightened! 5. Price is no longer a barrier and you don't need to go to Harley Street to achieve a wonderful smile. We're competitively priced and we offer Interest free Affordable Monthly Payment options for up to 2 years (you pay 0% interest). We also offer other affordable payment options. If you want to spread payment up to 60 months, even the most complex case could only cost you around £50 per month. (Finance is subject to status upon application) 6. Depending on your individual case, treatment could be finished in as little as 9 months Practice Owner, Dr. Arjun Kachhala's dentistry is dedicated purely to providing a full range of Cosmetic dental procedures & has improved the Smiles & Lives of hundreds of people since graduating in 2002. Call us and take your first step to a new smile…01926 512 747 (SELECT OPTION 1) Finally, Other important sources of information: Visit our YouTube channel to see our wonderful genuine patient videos (Camilla, Lisa and Arianna) Here's the link (copy & paste into your browser): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmtrGwS18OenC-CsjDu2Dug Or Search, for 'Kenilworth Dental Practice -KDP' in Youtube More videos are being added regularly . Feel free to subscribe, like and comment on our videos Visit our Facebook page for real patient recommendations (search KenilworthDentalPractice)

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