Dr. Graham Tinkler

Dr. Graham Tinkler

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Harley St. Dental Clinic Ltd. 139 Harley St W1G 6BG, London, GB phone02074861059rdalby@hsdc.netwww.harleystreetdentalclinic.co.uk

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DR GRAHAM TINKLER is one of the World's Leading Diamond Accredited Dentist's for Invisalign clear aligners. He is also the Clinical Lead and co founder of the CLEAR BRACES DIRECT NETWORK which embraces the best of the Invisalign technology and Dental Monitoring Technology to keep visits and treatment cost to a minimum. At CBD we have a team of excellent dentists, Dr Singh, Dr Fretwell and Dr Patel, all working together to achieve great results. In terms of cases completed Dr Tinkler is one of the Top 5 Invisalign Providers in Europe. He is one of the most experienced clinician's in treating patients with these virtually invisible braces, having successfully treated over 4000 patients including many famous television and sporting personalities. He also treated the world's 4 millionth Invisalign patient! Dr. Tinkler believes in treating the patient and not just the teeth, the aim is always to achieve and maintain a healthy smile and one that gives you confidence.

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