Dr. Raj Wadhwani

Dr. Raj Wadhwani


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I have completed over 6000 orthodontic cases, which include a combination of different fixed braces and the Invisalign clear aligners. I am Master's level trained in Orthodontics, and take on referrals for the more complicated cases. I undertake extensive cosmetic work which involves a combination of orthodontics and advanced restorative therapies, including composite bonding. Where appropriate, I will use digital workflows in combination with orthodontics, such as Smilefast to create the most beautiful smile. I do believe however in keeping the dentition natural and minimising alternative work as this will reduce repeat work to the teeth in the future. I will therefore recommend bonding only if absolutely essential to create a beautiful smile. . When the Invisalign system is not recommended for specific patients, I will recommend alternative strategies, include short term ceramic fixed braces to ensure development of the perfect smile. Where patients do not wish to wear fixed braces at all, and prefer clear aligners, I will propose shot term 'hybrid' strategies using innovative mechanics to solve the difficult tooth movement to enable Invisalign treatment to proceed.

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