Jack Slaymaker

Jack Slaymaker

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GDC number: 283707


March Dental 24 Broad Street PE15 8TG, March, GB 01354650013


I am passionate about the ability to cultivate my skills toward dental artistry, while providing a comfortable and welcoming environment for both patients and those around me. In this pursuit I plan each case meticulously so as to be as minimally invasive as possible and to provide the best results for all patients. My driving force is to see patients’ lives and confidence transformed. Dentistry is the perfect blend of artistry, engineering and science and so I invests my time heavily into understanding advanced technologies and scientific data. This included 3D modelling and digital treatment planning as well as looking to the future with regards to the incorporation of artificial technology into Dentistry. Outside of Dentistry, I am an avid traveller having drawn inspiration from my time in South Korea and America. I am a keen follower of fashion and am an avid collector of classic watches.

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