Mr. Nabeel Aga

Mr. Nabeel Agacollege of medicine and dentistry

Specialist orthodontist|Trained Provider
GDC number: 254472


Greetings, My name is Nabeel Aga. I am a dentist registered with the GDC. I have extensive experience in multidisciplinary dentistry. Here I am promoting smile makeovers with the Invisalign system and composite bondings to achieve that perfectly shaped teeth and correlating smile respectively. There are various ways to bring teeth in the desired position. I assist with understanding the ideal position that you may want your teeth to appear, then, very effectively draw up and communicate your treatment plans considering your likes, dislikes, treatment time and of course comfortable costing. I am able to provide free limited initial chats to assist with you in attaining the perfect smile for you. We then establish that your teeth and lifestyle is healthy for receiving teeth straightening therapy. then, there are three options : 1- Fixed train track braces 2- The Invisalign clear aligners 3- A multidisciplinary approach with the Invisalign clear aligners and fixed braces Prices start from as little as £20/- a week for 12 weeks depending on the amount of therapy required. Should there be any other dental concerns with your teeth like filling, hygiene and/or any other required treatments then you will be advised with your options before starting teeth straightening therapy. You may then provide us with a small deposit and pay interest free over the next 10 months of the remainder of your fees or provide us with a payment plan according to your suitability. Treatments times are usually less than 6 months, however, that is in the most ideal case, and, therefore, it is advised that treatment may take up-to 18 months +/- 9 months because the therapy depends on a variety of factors. To know more about your teeth and affiliate yourself with a good team of dental professionals, please visit me at my clinic and we will together embark on our very journey to achieve the beautiful smile that you desire. You may chose to click the link and sign up followed by uploading your selfie and within 60 seconds HOLA you will be able to see how you and your smile may look following treatment with us.

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