invis is helping your practice go digital.

With the Align™ digital experience, you’ll get more efficiency and business scalability, can translate to the enhanced clinical results, to work more efficiently and expand your practice.

Digital Transformation > Horizontal Card > Image
Digital Transformation > Horizontal Card > Image

Discover the efficiency of the Align™ digital platform.

Investing in a digital transformation means investing in more time, comfort, savings, and success for both you and your patients. The Align™ digital platform is an advance suite of easy-to-adapt digital dentistry solutions that deliver a rich, integrated and seamless end-to-end digital experience for you and your patients.​

How can digital transformation make a difference for your practice?

Invisalign app
Invisalign app

Practice Workflow Efficiency

Features like Invisalign® Virtual Care and Invisalign® Virtual Appointment allow you to enhance treatment quality, even in challenging times.1


Practice Sustainability

Our digital tools allow you to own the patient relationship from the initial conversion process through treatment and monitoring.


Excellence of Care

Gain patient confidence by embracing the digital technology they expect with before and after visualisation capability of the Invisalign® Outcome Simulator.

Treat your patients with a seamless digital end-to-end workflow.


Engage with consumers before they become patients and get them excited about Invisalign® treatment options before they even enter your practice.


No more analog impressions! Just scan. Capturing patient data has never been so easy.


Plan the treatment on your own terms - anytime, anywhere.


Treat with enhanced digital tools that allow you and patients to see how their new smiles can transform their faces.


Take advantage of remote monitoring tools to help stay connected and up to date with your patients.

Invisalign Doctor
Invisalign Doctor

Designed to elevate the experience for you and your patients.

By transitioning to our innovative digital end-to-end practice workflow suite, you can ensure practice sustainability and excellence of care.
With the power of our Invisalign system, our digital treatment tools, and iTero™ intraoral scanners, you can provide a more engaging experience for your patients – and gain in-practice workflow efficiency.

Need more details on our digital treatment tools?

1. Invisalign Virtual Appointment and Invisalign Virtual Care were made available in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic and government-imposed restrictions on patient mobility and practice closures due to health and safety reasons. They were designed to connect Invisalign® providers with their patients and support practices in ensuring treatment continuity, but not to replace face-to-face appointments and checkups entirely. Patients will need to come to the office as determined by their doctor. Before using Invisalign Virtual Appointment and Invisalign Virtual Care, please ensure that applicable local regulations and professional code of practice allow you to interact with patients via such tools.