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From clinical education to marketing and practice support programs, we’re here for you.

Stay ahead of the curve with Align™ Education.

With Align™ Education, you’ll find a wide variety of immersive continuing educational experiences at your fingertips. Learn online at your own pace through instructor-led training sessions, on-demand courses, recordings, tutorials and searchable training modules. For added convenience, specific pages or topics can be bookmarked or printed directly from your computer.

Clinical Confidence
Clear educational pathways for Invisalign® providers of every experience level.

Digital Transformation
From iTero™ scanners to Invisalign® Virtual Care 1, we provide a digital experience for your patients.
The offering may differ depending on the country.

Practice Growth and Efficiency
Learn strategies to improve Invisalign® treatment workflow, deliver a better patient experience and grow your practice.

Practice Marketing
We offer in-office marketing materials, like brochures and videos, to spark patient engagement.

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1. Invisalign® Virtual Appointment and Invisalign® Virtual Care were made available in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic and government-imposed restrictions on patient mobility and practice closures due to health and safety reasons. They were designed to connect Invisalign® providers with their patients and support practices in ensuring treatment continuity, but not to replace face-to-face appointments and checkups entirely. Patients will need to come to the office as determined by their doctor. Before using Invisalign Virtual Appointment and Invisalign Virtual Care, please ensure that applicable local regulations and professional code of practice allow you to interact with patients via such tools.​